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Etiquette: Dance with the Bride?

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Several years ago, my mother called to tell me that a former schoolmate from my small hometown had married: "Your father danced with the bride," she said.

But at the weddings I've attended recently, I haven't seen many instances of the bride dancing with anyone besides her groom, her father, and a crowd of her girlfriends. And ditto the groom; he often doesn't even dance with his buddies, let alone with an aunt, or his mother's good friend, or one of the bridesmaids.

There was once a time when every male guest would have wanted an opportunity to dance with the bride on her wedding day, while the groom would be inviting the ladies present to dance with him. Of course, dancing was very different then; there's something about the modern style that doesn't lend itself to dancing with different partners.

Do you think you will dance with your guests? Do you think they will ask you to?

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  • So what is the proper etiquette then? Can the bride dance with anyone else besides groom and father? In a lot of the weddings I attended, the brides had danced with their guy friends, usually a fast one. So I thought now that we play more fast songs than in the old days, more brides dance with other guys. I don't know what I'm gonna do at my wedding, but I'm okay with dancing with other guys, my fiance is okay with it too.

  • Good Afternoon, Talley Sue, I spoke with you briefly on your radio show last week, about including the families of the bride & groom in special activities surrounding their wedding. I shared with you how, during our daughter's wedding, we invited all of the ladies of the bride & groom's families to enjoy pedicures & manicures with the bride before the wedding. It was so bonding. I also shared with you that I founded Art On Wheels, Inc. and that we have a service entitled "Wedding Sitters" wherein we take art activities to wedding receptions and guide the children of the guests in wedding themed interactive art activities. I am very interested in speaking with you as to any possibilities that you may be able to share with me relative to getting the word out about our Wedding Sitter services. For those who do not live in our region, we have kits that we've designed and send out to be enjoyed on site. Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you so much for sharing your creativity! Take Good Care, Carolina

  • Hello! There's a Filipino tradition that involves a "Money Dance." This is where male and female guests of all ages line up to dance with the bride and groom for about 10-20 seconds, but in order to do that they must make a monetary offering! It's fun - the guest will be provided with a small pin with which to attach the cash to the bride and groom's clothing. The amount can vary from $1 to $100 - your choice! Sometimes money wreaths will be made and placed on them, sometimes a sash. It's all in good fun and gives the guests a chance to dance w/the couple as well as giving a little something extra financially.

  • The etiquette is that the bride *can* dance with anyone she wants. (Ditto the groom.)

    I'm just curious whether couples expect to actually do it.
    So, Aylee Bits, you're figuring you probably will be dancing with other gentlemen at your wedding? (The funny thing is that ballroom dancing is actually where "dancing with a different partner" springs from, and modern dancing, rock 'n' roll, is where I actually see it least.)

    (And I was sort of hoping not to get off into the money dance, which is a completely other thing--although it almost seems as though that's the only time anybody *does* dance with the bride!)

  • If anyone is up to dancing and they need a partner, I'll dance. I'm having a small wedding with family and very close friends so I'll dance with anyone :) .

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