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Cufflinks for Everyone!

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Posted by Katie Hatch, Style Director

Okay, maybe not everyone, but how about for your groom or his best man? They can be super easy to make if you get the right glue. I made these out of a matched pair of cabochons from a great website for beads and minerals, Instructions and sources for the cufflink backs are available by clicking on the picture below. 


They would also be great made with Mexican Agate, like these pairs below, available at


Or if these aren't formal enough for your wedding, you can easily make cuff links out of coins. You may want to pick a coin from your birth year and his, since you'll need two. Or my favorite of all may be drusy, which is a sparkly mineral that can be gold or silver plated, shown below.


Are you making anything for your groom to wear? 

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