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Seeing Stripes

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Posted by Katie Hatch, Style Director

I was looking at the art work of Gene Davis the other day and thinking about how timeless stripes are. They always feel so right in the summer, so you should consider incorporating them into your wedding. I've always had a thing for the nautical version of stripes, like in the garlands made of ribbon scraps below, and found they're a perfect decor idea that's easily translated into your own palette.  Click on the picture for the how-to.


And then, there are the striped favors inspired by the shirting used in menswear. We used swatches to create these stripes, which are all available as clip art (click through the image to the link).


Here's another way to use shirting. These are votives wrapped in stripes. I love this idea because it has a lot of impact on the table without being too overwhelming to create yourself. Of course, you could also easily make a runner of shirting the same way by using an iron-on hem tape (Stitch Witchery is a favorite version) to edge it with. We use it often enough that we've made it into a verb, as in "Did you just Stitch Witch that seam?"


Of course, your favor could be a striped candy stick, which you can get in almost any color combination through the link in the photo. Or, the candy stick could be the starting point for your whole palette.


Naturally the cake could be striped too. This is just fondant strips wrapped around a simple cake — something you could almost do yourself (but may want to get a little help with!).


Are you thinking of using stripes at your wedding?

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  • so simple and adorable! i love the stripe idea and especially the gorgeous cake!

  • Stripes are a great way to marry your wedding colors throughout your theme. I really like the flags and the striped cake. I haven't ever seen a cake like that before.

  • I am a corporate event planner, not a wedding planner, but I have to say how I get so inspired by Martha Stewart Weddings and the wedding blog. You can get ideas here for all kinds of events. I also love the craft blog for personal use.

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