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In Love With Citrus

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Posted by Jayme Smith Murray, Color and Design Expert


While most citrus fruits belong to the winter season, I can’t help but feel summery when I see their bright, warm colors. I love the sunshiny palette of Laura Kicey’s piece, “Mothership” (top row, left). The vibrancy of her architectural composite is so compelling (check out more of her work here). It could easily translate into a wedding palette – just incorporate softer tones, like the drink buffet (middle row, left), for a more dreamy approach and punchier tones, like the silhouette covered match boxes (bottom row, center), for a more playful approach. The cocktail area shot by Meg Smith (middle row, center) feels so inviting with the coral chair cushions and the complementing centerpiece. And, in a simpler palette of golden yellows and rich blacks, the romantic wedding print by Parker J Pfister (bottom row, far left), is stunning in both brilliancy of color and composition.

Are there any citrus-inspired palettes out there? How about signature lemonade drinks or bouquets of bright, summery flowers?


Top row, from left: "Mothership" by Laura Kicey; Lemonade bar decorating idea; Cocktail decoration and bridal bouquet photographs by Meg Smith; Bridal portrait under the trees ©; Silhouette matchbooks and candlelit entryway from the wedding of Sara and Charles, more here.

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