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OK, so maybe some of you haven’t thought about the Today show wedding since last week (but seriously—how could you get those amazing honeymoon destinations out of your head??) Here at Weddings, though, we haven’t thought about anything but! Here’s what our week has looked like:


Associate Managing Editor Talley Sue Hohlfeld trims ribbons.


Senior Associate Art Director Kate Francis organizes favor boxes.


Cody, the groom, tries on his wedding-day suit and shoes.


Art Department Coordinator Lily Harrington stuffs cookies (iced to look like Tiffany boxes!) into cellophane bags.


This is what we started with—an inspiration board.


Senior Associate Style Editor Katie Berry fashions fabric flowers.


Special Projects Editor Anthony Luscia shows of a bottle of Champagne emblazoned with Swarovski crystals.


Deputy Style Editor Randi Brookman-Harris shops for more supplies.


Deputy Style Editor Shana Faust wraps a favor box.

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  • Is there a how-to for the fabric flowers on I can't seem to find it, and they look beautiful! Thanks!

  • Darcy,
    I just love your new blog!
    It is so great watching you on TV and now enjoying your post! You are such an inspiration to those of us in the business!
    Thannk you!!!

  • So, what's in the favor boxes?

  • Can you tell us what was in the briesmaid boquets...they were beautiful. I saw some sort of orchids but what else?? They were Amazing

  • Love the fabric flowers too. Please give us a tutorial and what type of fabric was used. They look awesome.

  • Darcy~ I love the idea of a breakfast/brunch reception!!
    I saw the highlights with you and Martha, but can you give us a complete rundown of the menu, including the hors devoures and what was included in the champagne bar?

  • Everything was so beautiful at the reception, I can't wait to see more behind the scenes pictures. I would also like to know where I can find a how-to for the fabric flowers too. Thanks

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