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Smitten With This Cookbook

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I have a confession to make: cooking is not my strong suit. When I’m called upon to whip up something delicious, after momentary panic, I go to my …

Etiquette: When You Get Duplicate Gifts at the Shower

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Normally, if you get two of the same gift, you thank each person, then stealthily return one of them and never mention the duplication. If they know about …

Behind the Scenes: Dylan's Candy Shower

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Working on Dylan Lauren’s sweet soiree for the Summer 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings was such a treat — literally! Using candy delicacies from all over the …

Etiquette: Alternative Bridal Showers

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One of the queries we get a lot in our AskMartha mailbox ( is this one: My fiance and I have been established in a household for a …

Love It! Lemon Cake Favors

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I was breezing through one of my favorite design blogs, A Subtle Revelry, when I came across this delightfully scrumptious (and deceivingly easy to make) creation. The fruit …

Etiquette: The No-Wrapping-Paper Shower

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I received a bridal-shower invitation in the mail the other day; a little slip of paper tucked into the envelope said: In order to save time and paper, …

Etiquette: A Ladies' Luncheon

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In my earlier post, reader Jen is having a small destination wedding and wants to know who should be invited to the shower. Rule: only those invited to the wedding. …

Celebrations Activity: Cooking

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When it comes to wedding showers, engagement parties, and bachelorette shindigs, some of the most dynamic ones I’ve been to have included an activity; and thankfully, doing more …