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This Week in Wedding News

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What we’re clicking on and talking about in the Martha Stewart Weddings office.  Photo by Kevin Tachman Don’t you want to dive into this creamy cake from Rachel …

Wedding Photos: Instant Pics

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As a photo producer, I’m always taking pictures. ALWAYS. So as you can imagine, I’ve become obsessed with using filters from cool apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. Lately I’ve …

Off the Grid Wedding Photos

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Photographer Sasha Gulish recently shared a wedding she shot, and also a little extra something she does when she covers a wedding: She creates a grid of the …

Yay or Nay: Dance Floor Wedding Photos?

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I’ve never been an advocate for dancing photos at weddings. Capturing a flattering photo of an innocent (sometimes intoxicated) wedding guest as she gets down with her bad …

Flowers and Friends in Wilmington, N.C.

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I was recently invited by my fabulous friend Jean Rosenberg, of Fiore Fine Flowers, to be a special guest and speaker for a wonderful day in Wilmington, North …

Photography: Polaroid Magic

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I think I must have cried the day that Polaroid stopped making their film  and locked the formula in their vaults. My Spectra camera has been gathering dust …

Beauty: Say Cheese

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Actually, don’t. Have you ever taken a decent picture after saying the word “cheese”? Didn’t think so. Most people (besides, like, Giselle) don’t feel completely comfortable in front …