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DIY Inspiration: Party Favors for David Stark's Book Party

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On Tuesday night, I hosted a party for Martha Stewart Weddings contributing editor David Stark celebrating the release of his new book “The Art of the Party.” (Stay tuned …

Real Weddings Round-Up: Favors

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Based on my completely non-scientific research, I think the most popular wedding favor is honey, after candy and confections. At least for our couples it’s a perfectly sweet …

Fun to Say, Fun to Eat: Fatty Sundays

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A parade of delectable treats is constantly marching through our office. (If a girl’s not careful around here, she might fall out of acquaintance with her natural waist.) …

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Mini Meringues

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If you’re looking for wedding favors that are as beautiful as they are delicious, be sure to check out these miniature meringues from Dominique Ansel Bakery…

These Favors Are A Piece of Cake

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Looking for a fun way to package your wedding favors? A slice is nice! Check out these adorable boxes from Stephanie at the Etsy shop Petit Moulin. If …

Cakes and Confections: Bissinger's

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We had a box of Bissinger’s Valentine Petit Fours here at the office this week. Well, they barely lasted two days. People kept remarking how flavorful they were …

Food Inspiration: Theo Chocolate

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I recently discovered Theo Chocolate, an amazing confectionary brand. The best part? It’s Fair Trade and organic (check out the website for its social and environmental values)! The company …

Love It! Brownies Made Better

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Ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you my top two favorite desserts — the chippiest chocolate chip cookies I can find (yes, I do compare chip …