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Wedding Color Palette Inspiration: Mint Green + Gold

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After reading through our current summer issue, I couldn’t help but keep coming back to our gilded-touched stationery. The pop of gold paired with mint green can serve …

Wedding Color Inspiration: Yellow

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People either LOVE or hate yellow. I happen to be a lover. Yellow is the color of the sun, of gold, of daffodils—one of my all-time favorite blooms—and …

Wedding Color Inspiration: Shades of Jade

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If you’ve opened up our new Summer Issue, you already know about our current obsession with jade as a wedding color. And by the looks of Loeffler Randall’s pre-fall collection, we’re not the only one with a color crush!…

Wedding Color Inspiration: Tangerine & Lilac

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On a recent trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, I was overcome by the beauty (and fragrance!) of the lilac collection. I had brought a tangerine snack with …

Brilliant Source for Color Palette Inspiration

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Movies In Color finds interesting and beautiful spectrums in stills from brilliantly-hued films. A great tool for setting the mood with color! For more color palette inspiration click …

Wedding Color Inspiration: Aquamarine & Nude

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Apart from being a beautiful gemstone, Aquamarine remains a very popular accent color for weddings. I recently saw this gorgeous aqua Katie Ermilio dress (below) and fell in …

Color Inspiration: Copper and Patina

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Gold and silver certainly find their way into wedding palettes pretty regularly. Copper is newly trendy in home fixtures, but when the talented stylist and artist Helen Quinn and …

Valentines Palette: Poppy & Fuchsia Color Inspiration

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Here’s a bright and cheery wedding palette just in time for one of our favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day! At Weddings, we are all about L-O-V-E so why not …