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Expert Advice: Found Vintage Rentals

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Found Vintage Rentals is so inspiring: Owner Jeni Maus has a passion for helping her clients infuse their weddings with style, personality, and fun through vintage furniture and …

Inspiration: Olive and Mahogany

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I am the kind of girl who, if given the chance, would hang chandeliers from trees and dine on a rustic table beneath its glow every night of …

Template of the Week: Cootie Catcher

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Kiss the Bride. Kiss the Groom. Kiss the Bartender!? Why not spread the love (and the cooties) at your reception? This fold and play game puts a grown-up twist …

Template of the Week: Retro-Inspired Escort Cards

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The lush flower arrangement certainly helps, but these retro inspired escort cards are chic enough to stand out next to any blooms. The navy-and-white palette is a perfect …

Inspiration: White, Gold, and Brown

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This next color palette is almost irresistible. It’s clean, classic, and whimsical, but most of all, it’s romantic and full of soft, delicate touches of white, cream, gold, …

Fashion: Seeing Spots

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Since calling in some pieces for a photo shoot last year, I’ve been a big fan of clothing designer Sarah Seven. Her dresses are romantic and are often …

The Bridal Party: Fields of Dreams

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We all know accessories are the best way to spruce up an outfit, and the jewelry by Elva Fields is just the thing to help you do it. …

Fashion: Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection

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There’s something about vintage jewelry that I just can’t get enough of. And I’m not the only one. Over the years, Carole Tanenbaum, who started off collecting antiquities …