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Exclusive! Rachel Zoe on the one item you must wear on your wedding day

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In Rachel Zoe’s new book, Living In Style: Inspiration and Advice for Everyday Glamour, the celebrity stylist dispenses personal style navigation know-how and her thoughts behind picking the …

Finding The Veil

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Here’s another post from our guest blogger and bride-to-be Katie Evans. I’ve always known that I wanted to wear a veil. Wearing one will really make me feel like …

Love It! Kirsten Dunst's Wedding Dress in "Melancholia"

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I was completely enchanted by Lars von Trier’s gorgeous movie Melancholia, and equally mesmerized by Manon Rasmussen’s costuming of Kirsten Dunst. I love her luscious gown with intricate …

Love It! Millinery-Made

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The art of hat making seemed to be a dying trade until the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (and their glamorously topped guests) gave it new …