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Flowers From the Far East

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At my Flower School NY book signing, I saw the most amazing blossoms by Bloom Japan. Everyday their growers check each and every stem by hand! Can you …

Event Design: Choosing the Perfect Vessel

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Placing blooms in a great container or unique vase is like framing a photograph or painting — it finishes and defines the beauty of the flowers’ color palette …

Behind the Scenes: In Full Bloom, Part 2

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And now, a few more shots from behind the scenes of our latest clip art story, In Full Bloom. I showed you the first part of our shoot …

Behind the Scenes: In Full Bloom, Part 1

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By now you’ve probably seen our floral DIY story, In Full Bloom, in the summer issue. We’re pretty excited about it and have been for several months. We …

Event Planning: Winter Whites

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It’s definitely winter outside! Thanks to yesterday’s “blizzard,” New York is covered in a beautiful blanket of white snow, which inspired me to write about all the ways …