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LOVE IT! Spirited Scents

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You’ve thought about your reception’s signature drink, but why not let that libation influence your day-of fragrance? Get yourself (and even your groom—many are unisex scents!) into a …

Love It! Not a Perfume

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Hi brides-to-be and wedding enthusiasts! I’m Gabrielle, the editorial summer intern here at Martha Stewart Weddings. I spent the past year living la belle vie in Paris and now get to spend …

From the Beauty Closet: Jo Malone's Sugar & Spice

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Jo Malone London, a British fragrance company, is known for timeless, sophisticated fragrances that can be worn alone or layered until your heart (and nose) is satisfied. The …

Amazing Wedding Day Perfumes

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Whether you’re looking for a signature scent that is feminine and floral, sultry and exotic, or somewhere in between, these picks are sure to make you smell fabulous as you walk down the aisle…

The Scent of Marchesa

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Last night, I went to a great event to celebrate the first fragrance collaboration between Sephora and Marchesa: Parfum d’Extase, launching in September ($85). It was held at Crown on the …

The Scents of Summer

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Need a new fragrance for the steamy, blissful months ahead? These bottles, hitting shelves now, are sure to weather them brilliantly and leave you smelling fresh as a …

Pocket This Purse-Sized Perfume

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Looking for a small, fantastic-smelling fragrance to pop in your day-of bag or carry-on? In July, Bottega Veneta will be introducing a .67 ounce version of its beautiful …

Garden-Fresh Fragrances Fit For Royalty

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It’s undeniable: Grace Kelly was all that and a bag of chips. Elegance, class, amazing taste–the lady defined her era and is still the standard of sophistication today. …