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Chromatic & Co.: A Bright Stationery Idea

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Check out this colorful cast of characters that the founders of Delphine Press have assembled: 42 Pressed, Fig. 2 Design, Plaid Design, The Peach Press and The Sweetest …

Love It! Wedding-Themed Pinatas

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Flashy, smashing, fun piñatas from Kitiya Palaskas. Check out the Australia-based crafter’s blog for more inspiration…

Flowers by David Stark

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This week I hosted a party and turned to my good friend, and new contributing editor to Martha Stewart Weddings, David Stark. He did such beautiful flowers that I …

Get Your Party Started With These!

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I came across these fantastic Pick Your Nose cups and just had to share them with you! I think they’d make a great addition to any holiday party. …

Highlights from Our Bridal-Market Party

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Sorry for delay in posting about our bridal-market party. There were so many great photos that it has taken a day to look through the pictures (especially since …

Celebrating Our Anniversary

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As many of you know, this year we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary here at Martha Stewart Weddings. It seems like just yesterday we were producing one issue per …