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DIY or Buy: Accordion Paper Folding

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I love a good craft tutorial, and the UK site Mini Eco by Kate Lilley makes seemingly complicated projects totally doable. Her ”Accordion Paper Folding” how-to is one of the best …


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Crafting with paper is such a great, affordable, and easy way to personalize your wedding. There are so many pretty options out there, including, of course, those by …

Behind the Scenes: Marvelous Marble

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There were just too many great things we wanted to fit into our marble story from the spring issue! Here are some extras…

Love It! Paper Made From Stone

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I am shocked and awed by Ogami’s Repap stone paper. I had to drag my co-workers into the craft room just to touch it! It has an unbelievably smooth …

Bridal Market Party: Paper Dresses and Creations

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Even if you don’t want to wear a gown made of paper on your special day, Paper Posy can incorporate gorgeous paper creations into your wedding. Think: photo booth …

Need Expert Advice? Get It Here

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Glossed & Found, an online-video magazine, is dedicating the next three weeks to weddings. Check out their site for interviews with our very own Darcy Miller, fashion designer …

Love It! The Paper Studio

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I LOVE the decorative Italian papers at The Paper Studio. Use them for favors, gifts, crafts, etc.—these are just a few of my favorites!…

This Week in Weddings

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What we’re clicking on and talking about in the office. Three’s company: Why go for one diamond when you can try out three different cuts in one ring …