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Wedding Songs For a Black Tie Affair

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Once you attach “black tie” to your big day, it changes things a bit. Suits get fancier. Dresses get dressier. But a formal affair is no reason to …

Bridal Market Party: Doug Acosta

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The Doug Acosta band, represented by Elan Artists, played sophisticated, romantic music at the entrance to our bridal market party. As soon as guests stepped out of the …

Wedding Songs to Fill the Dance Floor

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These reception songs are sure to fill the dance floor…

Elan Arists Band Showcase- Don't Miss It!

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If you’re looking for a band for your wedding (and you live near NYC or LA), you’ll want to check out Elan Artists. They’re one of the best …

Real Weddings Round-Up: First Dance Songs

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One of my favorite questions to ask a couple is what song they’re choosing for their first dance. I’m a music junkie and I can’t help myself! If …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Lawren and Jesse, Part 3

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You’ve seen the video and heard a great story from the bride. Now it’s the groom’s turn to share. Read the full story about Lawren and Jesse’s wedding …

Bridal Market Party: Elan Artists

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A party is not a party without music so of course we asked Josh Friedman of Elan Artists to do it right. Guests were greeted in the lobby …

Love It! Great New First-Dance Song

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British vocalist Ryland Angel, known for his soaring, honeyed counter tenor and his work in classical concerts and liturgical music, recently wrote and performed a song for his sister’s …