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Win a Year's Worth of Maybelline Mascara

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We’re not generally into predicting what’s in store for the year to come, but one thing we’re pretty safe betting on is that you’re going to wear mascara …

Summer's Makeup A-Team

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The best part of summer (and honeymooning!) is taking a dip in the ocean or pool. But watch out, immersing your hand underwater wreaks havoc on makeup. To …

Great Budget Big-Day Beauty Finds

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Some of the items I go back to time and time again are straight from the drugstore shelves. It turns out that dermatologists and makeup artists love them, …

Beauty: Crazy for Concealer

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Concealer is, hands down, my favorite beauty product. (And for those of you who know about my eyelash-curler obsession, that’s saying a lot.) Got a zit? There’s a …