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Holiday Gift Guide: The Golden Touch

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Once a staple in every woman’s purse (used to powder her nose after discreetly leaving the table), the compact seemed close to extinction until recently. Along with the …

My New Favorite Color

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Drumroll please….it’s mauve! I used to associate it with an older generation — like 50 years older — but that was before I laid eyes on Dolce & …

Beauty: Wear This Kate Spade Lipstick

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Mary Poppins would sweep on Kate Spade’s new Supercalifragilipstick! in an instant — and as you know, that lady was practically perfect in every way. The brand partnered …

Beauty: Just as Classic as Their Burberry Trench

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Who hasn’t yearned for one of Burberrry’s sharp-cut trenches? Come on, they’re as near to heavenly perfection as it gets! But for the lady who doesn’t have it …

Beauty: Pretty New Makeup by Charlotte Ronson

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So New York Fashion Week is over—sadness—but the essence of fashion is still (and always will be) in the New York City air. One young designer, the tousle-haired …

Beauty: Crazy About Coral

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I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked on this coral trend. Just be sure to stay away from shades that veer toward orange (it might look like …

Beauty: NARS (Fab) Limited-Edition Palette

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Hate it when your powder breaks in your purse and it stains the lining? Me, too. On April 15, NARS is launching a limited-edition palette called Portrait of …

Wedding Beauty: MAC's Flower-Girl-Friendly Line

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There’s a time and place for bubble-gum pink, lilac, and pastel green — such as on a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper perhaps? Or, more flattering (and timely), on …