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LOVE IT! Spirited Scents

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You’ve thought about your reception’s signature drink, but why not let that libation influence your day-of fragrance? Get yourself (and even your groom—many are unisex scents!) into a …

Gemma Redux's Otherworldly Fall Collection

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Last week I attended the Gemma Redux fall 2012 press preview and I was so intrigued by designer Rachel Dooley’s inspiration for this new line. What caught my …

Love It! Luggage Tags

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I’m a huge fan of travel and love anything that helps make me look more chic while doing it. Today, I ran across these cute, dusty-pink luggage tags that …

Love it! Heartfelt Confetti

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Want to add romance to your ceremony? The Lonely Heart turns printed symbols of amore (vintage copies of Pride and Prejudice, sheet music of tender tunes, or definitions …

Love It! Sensitive Fiance Pillowcases

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Have a dreamy groom-to-be? Put these witty pillowcases on your bed to let him know that you’re thinking of him even in your sleep. Switch sides to feel …

Good to Know: Nina Bridal

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Great news! Nina Bridal now has items available for pre-order. We already love their fashion-forward bridal shoes, but now they have veils, jewelry, sashes, and hair accessories, too! …

Love It! My Go-To Eye Cream

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We all have things that we wish we could change about our appearance. Me, I wish that my undereyes wouldn’t retain water every time I consume the slightest …