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Matchy-Matchy Lips and Nails: Yay or Nay?

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It might sound outdated, like matching your shoes to your handbag, but the runways were filled with color-coordinating lips and nails. From bright reds to corals and nudes, …

Loving These Lip Glosses

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Some things just make you happy, ya know? And on this horribly muggy, humid day, these incandescent, fruit punch-like tubes of gloss are literally brightening my dreary outlook. …

A Look Worth Copycatting

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My old roommate used to treat every J.Crew catalogue’s arrival as a special event. She’d set aside an hour, brew a cup of tea, then cozy up with …

Beauty: Crazy About Coral

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I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked on this coral trend. Just be sure to stay away from shades that veer toward orange (it might look like …

Wedding Beauty: MAC's Flower-Girl-Friendly Line

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There’s a time and place for bubble-gum pink, lilac, and pastel green — such as on a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper perhaps? Or, more flattering (and timely), on …