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Wedding Inspiration: Fashionable China

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Got the white-dish blues? Feast your eyes on this collaboration between Swedish porcelain brand Rorstrand and designer and illustrator Lovisa Burfitt. Burfitt’s splotchy ink drawings, based on an …

Love It! Inspirational Websites

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It’s our job as stylists to constantly come up with fresh ideas and interesting products, and to always innovate and inspire one another. To help me do this …

Country Chic Wedding Part 3: Decor

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I wanted the “country wedding” styled shoot to be sweet, feminine, and rustic, yet still chic. Thankfully, I found some fabulous lattice-patterned linen from Nuage Design that I …

The Royal Wedding: Color Palette

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Kate Middleton and the royal wedding seem to be on the tips of people’s tongues these days. So I decided to join in on the fun. It’s hard …

Inspiration: Blue, Olive, and Gold

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I derive color inspiration from various places: Old photographs, a favorite flower, or a pair of shoes. Today’s post comes from an image of an interior space. I …

Country Chic Wedding Part 1: Be Inspired By the Things You Love

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I came up with the idea for the Wedding Library when planning my own wedding 16 years ago. I wished for a guide of the perfect vendors, products, …

Cakes: Martha Stewart Cookie App

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The most important advice I can give to a bride is to never make her own wedding cake (even I didn’t!). Both the day before and the day …

Inspiration: Olive and Mahogany

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I am the kind of girl who, if given the chance, would hang chandeliers from trees and dine on a rustic table beneath its glow every night of …