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Talk About Location! This New Hotel Has It in Spades

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If you’re in the market for a far-out honeymoon experience, consider the wildlands of Chilean Patagonia where the new Singular Patagonia is a straight-from-the-fridge-cool hotel in a hundred-year-old …

Where in the world?

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It looks like a castle that would house a damsel in distress who spends her days braiding her hair, singing to the birds, and awaiting rescue by her …

Honeymoon Diary: Erin & Ari Road Trip Around Spain

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Yesterday you saw Erin and Ari’s wedding. Loved it, right? Today, the newlyweds share their honeymoon adventures — in four parts! Read on for a first-person account from …

The Bride Shirt: a trend you love or wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole

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So ladies, what are your thoughts on the infamous Bride shirt? You know the one. It might say “Bride to Be” or “Trophy Wife to Be” (yep) for …

Travel Chic Train Cases

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Whenever my family went on vacation, my mother would fill up her vinyl Samsonite train case with cosmetics and toiletries to take along. I always thought there was …

Honeymoon Diary: Lara & Oliver Explore Sicily

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Earlier this week you got your first look at Lara and Oliver’s wedding. Loved it, right? Yesterday you saw what happened before the big day. And now for …

National Parks are free on January 14-16 (and 14 more days in 2012)

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There’s no denying the crazy natural beauty of spots like Halong Bay, Vietnam and Australia’s Uluru. But if you just don’t have the time to jaunt halfway around …

Light up your Honeymoon

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Essentially lighthouses are relics from bygone times, no longer needed to perform their original functions. So many sit empty or house nautical museums, but some have been reinvented …