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Real Weddings Follow-Up: Taylor and Greg's Honeymoon

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Yesterday we debuted Taylor and Greg’s California wedding. Today, we’ve got a second dose of the newlyweds, this time with an inside look at their honeymoon. Check out …

Honeymoon Diary: Hollen and Adam

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After Hollen and Adam tied the knot in Connecticut they ventured off to Greece to celebrate. On their two-week trip, they went to Athens, Rhodes, Crete, and Santorini. …

Guest Blogger: Heather Packs for the Honeymoon

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Last week, a newly married friend asked me if I’d started packing for my honeymoon yet. Um, no. Between the facials and wine tastings and workouts, I barely …

Darcy's Idea of the Day

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Whether you’re adventurous or laid back, we have ideas for both in three spectacular honeymoon locations…

Destination Weddings 101

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Let’s face it, everyone wants to get swept away sometimes, whether it’s for a vacation, your honeymoon, or if you decide to throw a destination wedding. But it …