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Now THIS is how to honeymoon in Africa

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Samantha and Peter got hitched in the United States Virgin Islands with a colorful and sophisticated destination wedding. The DC-based couple went abroad for their honeymoon too, but …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Leslie and Ryan, The Honeymoon

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Music-loving newlyweds Leslie and Ryan planned their honeymoon around the Worldwide Music Festival in Sete, France. After a lot of research to find the perfect hotels and restaurants …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Taylor and Greg's Honeymoon

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Yesterday we debuted Taylor and Greg’s California wedding. Today, we’ve got a second dose of the newlyweds, this time with an inside look at their honeymoon. Check out …

Honeymoon Diary: Jamie & Steven Fall Hard for Paris

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Jamie and Steven chose to honeymoon in the City of Light and during their time there, the newlyweds had an extra-special event on their itinerary. Read on for …

Real Weddings: Emily and Nick

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When I first saw Emily and Nick’s wedding, I was completely smitten with their ceremony decor. Yes, I’m a sucker for anyone getting married in front of doors, …

Honeymoon Diary: Cari & Jason Relax in the Turks & Caicos Islands

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After our New York City nuptials (see the story here in the Real Weddings issue), Jason and I took a much needed eight-day vacation to Turks and Caicos. …

Honeymoon Diary: Erin & Ari Road Trip Around Spain

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Yesterday you saw Erin and Ari’s wedding. Loved it, right? Today, the newlyweds share their honeymoon adventures — in four parts! Read on for a first-person account from …

Honeymoon Diary: Lara & Oliver Explore Sicily

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Earlier this week you got your first look at Lara and Oliver’s wedding. Loved it, right? Yesterday you saw what happened before the big day. And now for …