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Lounge Around

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I have a bridal shower to attend in just a few weeks, and I’ve been contemplating what to buy the bride-to-be. This weekend, I finally decided to get …

Holiday Gift Guide: A Home Run For Guys

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Just the word paperweight falls from the mouth and lands with a thud; it sounds dull as all get out. But once re-branded as a desk objet, it …

Etiquette: Engagement Party Gifts

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Some of the questions we field via our AskMartha e-mail box ( aren’t from brides or grooms — they’re from guests. Today’s question was about whether to bring …

The Wedding Library: DIY Buttonholes

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When Natalie Bowen, a florist and designer, got married, she came up with a charming idea: a DIY corsage station.  I love the fact that it’s so personal, …

The Wedding Library: Surf's Up!

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We love seeing guests using their personalized totes, wearing their bespoke baseball caps, and sipping from their bottled water printed with custom labels during destination wedding weekends. These …

Etiquette: When You Get Duplicate Gifts at the Shower

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Normally, if you get two of the same gift, you thank each person, then stealthily return one of them and never mention the duplication. If they know about …

Etiquette: When Gifts Arrive Early

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When a wedding gift arrives before the wedding date, the Etiquette Squad often gets asked, “Do I open the gift? And should I send the thank-you note now, …

Love It! Rainbow Notebooks

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Entranced by the multi-colored books above? I don’t blame you. These recycled leather journals come in 24 dreamy hues and are small enough to take on the go. …