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Our Engaged Editor Talks Favors

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Usually, favors are something you don’t have to think about until three months before the wedding (July 2013 for me, according to Martha Stewart Weddings’ handy checklist). But, …

Real Weddings Round-Up: Favors

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Based on my completely non-scientific research, I think the most popular wedding favor is honey, after candy and confections. At least for our couples it’s a perfectly sweet …

Amazing Tattooed Apple Favors

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Today, real bride Marnie talks about one of the details that had all of us at Martha Stewart Weddings in complete awe. After several years on staff at …

Ciao, Chocolate!

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Darcy was just vacationing in Italy and brought back some beautiful chocolates. The box above is from Rivoire in Florence and was too beautiful not to share. I …

These Favors Are A Piece of Cake

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Looking for a fun way to package your wedding favors? A slice is nice! Check out these adorable boxes from Stephanie at the Etsy shop Petit Moulin. If …

Cookie Favors from Modern Bite

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Occasionally people send us food. Sometimes it’s great, and sometimes not so much. If it’s good we always try to tell you about it. If it’s bad, well, …

Wedding Ideas for Every Season

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We’ve rounded up our favorite seasonal ideas so you can fill your big day with details that reflect the time of year. Start searching for inspiration by season: …

Love It! Bananappeal Desserts in Mini Mason Jars

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Courtney Dougherty recently started up Bananappeal (check out the site, like the company name, it’s rad), specializing in mail-order, individually sized banana cakes frosted with good stuff like …