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Etiquette: How to Divide the Guest List When Parents Are Divorced

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Last week, I fielded a query from parents of the bride who are footing the bill for a 250-person wedding. The groom’s parents are divorced and both have remarried, …

The Royal Wedding: Fanfare for Grandmother

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Talk about an entrance! Her Royal Highness, Elizabeth, has entered the abbey, and the bells aren’t enough–there’s a trumpet fanfare. Most brides and grooms don’t have royalty for …

Etiquette: When a Bride Has Two Mothers

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“How can I involve both my mom and stepmom in my wedding?” That’s the question at least one of our readers is pondering — her mother wrote to …

Etiquette: Guest List for the Royal Wedding

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Setting the guest list is the trickiest part of any wedding planning. Can you imagine doing this for the wedding of the heir to the English throne? The …

Etiquette: An Argument for a Family Table

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Traditional seating charts place the couple at one table and their attendants and parents at another. This lets mom and dad serve directly as hosts to particularly close …

Etiquette: A Welcome Speech at the Reception

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Most often, receptions start off with a toast by the best man — but preceding this gesture, a welcome speech from the host is a nice touch. Pair …

Etiquette: Wearing His Mother's Ring

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When England’s Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, he gave his bride his mother’s engagement ring. This touching tradition appeals very much to some people — and not at …

Etiquette: Where to Trim the Family Tree?

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A soon-to-marry colleague here in Martha-ville shared her guest-list dilemma the other day on our walk to the subway. (Maybe you can’t pick my brain on the evening …