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We're Showing Off Your Rocks!

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Photo submitted by CristinaPlana via Twitter In our new Winter issue, we asked you to share a shot of your engagement ring on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #martharings and (to our …

Etiquette: Be Discreet When Gathering Addresses

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As you round up addresses (and spellings of names) for your guest list, you’re going to want to find out: Are the single cousins dating anybody? What about …

The Royal Wedding: Yes to Facebook and Twitter--But NOT from the Church!

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Prince William and his bride may want you to share their day on Facebook, and you can get live updates on Twitter from @ClarenceHouse, but they don’t want …

Etiquette: A Gentle Nudge for RSVPs

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Shortly before her wedding, my cousin Kelsea did something ingenious: She invited me to her wedding via Facebook. Now, don’t get me wrong — that wasn’t her main …

Martha Stewart Weddings is on Facebook

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It’s official…Martha Stewart Weddings is on Facebook! You can now find us on Facebook, Twitter (@marthaweddings), on the newsstands, online, and of course, here on the blog. Anytime …

Etiquette: Facebook Rules

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It seems like the etiquette game is constantly changing. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the digital realm. Case in point? A reader recently wrote in …