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The Perfect Favor? Homemade Cookies (That You Don't Have To Bake)

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Do you like cookies? Good cookies? Cookies that are homemade and you can tell? We recently received a box of yumminess from Grey Ghost Bakery, a small, family-run …

The Best Cookie in the World?

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Thanks to our new friends at Spin-Spun Confections (stay tuned for more on them!), we were recently introduced to a whole new level of cookie euphoria in Carol’s …

The 3 C's of Buying in Bulk

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There are details of your big-day that simply require lots of ammo to pull off — decor for each table, favors for each guest, treats for everyone to …

Cookie Favors from Modern Bite

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Occasionally people send us food. Sometimes it’s great, and sometimes not so much. If it’s good we always try to tell you about it. If it’s bad, well, …

DIY Dessert: Custom Cookie Shapes

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Can’t get enough of these cinnamon orange molasses cookies in the shape of the bride and grooms’ profiles? Neither could real couple Rebecca and Derek, who made silhouette …

Sarabeth's Secret Shortbread Recipe

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Perhaps you’ve had Sarabeth’s fantastic jam (plum cherry is my favorite), or maybe you’ve visited one of her restaurants (a new one just opened in Tribeca). If not, …

Cakes: Martha Stewart Cookie App

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The most important advice I can give to a bride is to never make her own wedding cake (even I didn’t!). Both the day before and the day …

Darcy's Idea of the Day

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Send guests home with delicious homemade cookies that they can enjoy after the festivities have ended. Tie in your colors with fun packaging…