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Confetti Time

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Tossing rice or confetti at a wedding is a fun, long-standing tradition. It also happens to be a festive thing to do on New Year’s Eve. So, with …

This Week in Weddings

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What we’re clicking on and talking about in the office. Pins, glorious pins! Who isn’t smitten with Pinterest? We’re crazy for ombré, lace details, champagne, confetti, and so …

Behind the Scenes: Champagne Part 1

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We like to make sure that all of our ideas will work before readers use them in their own weddings. Here, Naomi DeManana and I do a little …

Love it! Heartfelt Confetti

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Want to add romance to your ceremony? The Lonely Heart turns printed symbols of amore (vintage copies of Pride and Prejudice, sheet music of tender tunes, or definitions …

Darcy's Idea of the Day

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A sprinkling of snowflake confetti on the tables helps set a merry mood. Use craft punches to cut snowflakes from silver paper; mix in coils and snippings of …

Bridal Market Party Decor

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This year was the first year we’ve hosted a bridal-market party in our own office space, so we decided to make it sparkle! Because the color-palette story in …

Real Wedding Round-Up: Confetti

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Last month I started at the top – -of the cake — and brought you a round-up of real wedding cake toppers. Well this month, in honor of …