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Palette Inspiration: Summer Citrus...for Any Time of Year

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Did you know that the colder months are when citrus fruits are at their sweetest? Add a burst a color to a winter wedding with these pretty palette …

Summer Colors from California

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Ah, the bounty and glory of summer. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous berries from the farmer’s market in Los Angeles. Golden raspberries, tiny strawberries with lovely stems…it …

Palette Inspiration: Summer Citrus

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Hello there! My name is Emily and I am currently the summer intern for the art department. I currently attend Auburn University, and will be a rising senior, …

Cocktail Hour: The Citrus Martini

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For a lighter, fruitier twist on the classic Martini, try this Citrus Martini, which is crisp and refreshing with a hint of sweet clementine…