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Build Your Own Chocolate Box With Choclatique

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Trying to think of something to give your honey for Valentine’s Day? You can’t go wrong with chocolate, right? I recently had the pleasure of tasting quite a …

Not Your Average Color Palette

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I came across this unique bevy of colors on the blog Wit & Delight. I loved their whimsical feeling (inspired by tasty Neapolitan ice cream) and think the …

Debauve and Gallais

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In the late 1700′s Chemist Sulpice Debauve created flat chocolate discs that concealed the unpleasant taste of her medicine for Marie Antoinette. She loved them so much, she …

Holiday Gift Guide: One-Stop Shop for Chocoholics

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Looking for a gift that won’t disappoint? Head to Vosges Chocolate. The website of the gourmet chocolatier is chockablock with tantalizing treats that will appeal to purists and …

Food Inspiration: Theo Chocolate

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I recently discovered Theo Chocolate, an amazing confectionary brand. The best part? It’s Fair Trade and organic (check out the website for its social and environmental values)! The company …

Love It! Maison Bouche Chocolate

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I am in love with Maison Bouche chocolates. Rich and smooth deliciousness aside, each bar is wrapped with beautiful illustrations, which of course, makes them extra delightful to …

Love It! Peanut Butter-Banana Chocolates

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I just tried a heavenly delight, courtesy of Normal Love Confections, called the Peanut Butter-Banana Gourmet Chocolate. It was the perfect combination of three of my favorite things: Peanut butter …

Cakes: Chocolate

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Chocolate is definitely my favorite food. I crave it on a daily basis and haven’t come across a chocolate creation I haven’t liked. So when I went to …