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An Editor's Perspective: To Seat or Not to Seat?

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I absolutely love attending weddings. Why else would I be in this business? Some of my favorite wedding moments are seeing the bride for the first time in …

Skipping The Sit-Down Wedding Dinner Reception

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In my first blog post, I agreed to share everything about the planning, including any mental breakdowns my partner and I had during the process. Here’s a big …

Bridal Market Party: Peter Callahan Catering

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I can never get over how amazing Peter Callahan’s catering is. He continually proves that presentation does not have to compromise taste. His one-bite swirl of perfectly cooked …

Brunch Instead of Dinner?

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I recently attended a fabulous brunch hosted by Marcey Brownstein Catering and it sparked a few ideas for a daytime wedding reception. I know we all love the …

Bridal Market Party: Callahan Catering

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Peter Callahan of Callahan Catering crafted the perfect menu for our party this year. His attention to detail, great flavors, and signature style never fails to impress. Here, just …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Annie and Olly, Part 2

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Shooting Annie and Olly’s wedding earlier this year was a dream. The event was full of great ideas to highlight, and its overall look was just intoxicatingly beautiful. …

Expert Advice: Design Cuisine

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This week we’re sharing helpful information from Design Cuisine. The company has worked royal events for Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana of Wales and served as many …

Peter Callahan and the Bridal Market Party

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Callahan Catering always does the most amazing job! Not only are their treats beautifully displayed and creatively served, they are also delicious! Though I’ve worked with Peter Callahan …