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Secret Source: Flex Mussels's Boozy Doughnut Recipe

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Elizabeth Colling, our lovely food editor who just moved to California, is a fan of boozy desserts for wedding reception dessert tables. She specifically loves warm doughnuts filled …

Special Opalescent Series: Maggie Austin Cake

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Our first guest in this summer’s opalescent series hails from the Washington DC metro area. Newly launched Maggie Austin Cake is quickly gaining a reputation for creating cake …

Food: Cake Decorating

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Now it’s easier than ever to create the cakes you see in our pages yourself — or at least the cute cupcakes and cookies you see in Martha …

Expert Advice: Ron Ben Israel

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Over the years I’ve worked with so many talented wedding cake bakers, and one of my favorites is Ron Ben Israel. We met years ago, while creating a …