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ASK THE EDITORS: How much is enough cake?

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Q: I don’t think everyone likes to eat cake at a wedding. We don’t want to waste money, so is it OK if don’t have enough servings for …

"Wedding Today!" Rustic Announcement Poster

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Spread the news! This is an invitation I designed for a story in our Summer 2013 issue. It’s an idea based on old newspaper wedding announcements where the …

Sage Advice from a Summer Bride: Kelly

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Kelly and Lucas’s mod New Year’s Eve wedding was a budget-friendly celebration thanks to their planning and creativity. Read on for a helpful tip straight from the source. …

Etiquette: Can You Ask Parents to Help Pay?

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Boy, money’s touchy, right? In addition to being worth something, it carries all sorts of really loaded emotional messages and symbolism: independence, generosity, obligation, gratitude, just to name …