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The Bridal Party: Calligraphy Necklaces

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Still trying to find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids? How about a necklace that boasts their names in calligraphy? Brevity has a collection of stainless-steel and sterling …

Love It! Pearl T-Shirt

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How adorable would your bridesmaids look in this pearl T-shirt from Slow and Steady Wins the Race? It’s made of satin and covered in real pearls! Too bad …

The Wedding Library: Shoe Logic

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At one point (way before my time), having all of your bridesmaids wear the same shoes — and dying them to match their dresses — was de rigueur. …

Etiquette: How Many Events Must Your Attendants Attend?

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I heard a story last week about a couple with: two engagement parties, three showers, three golf get-togethers, a “dress reveal,” a bridesmaid luncheon, bachelor and bachelorette parties, …

Etiquette/Poll: Replace a Maid of Honor or Best Man?

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So your best friend from college got a new job and won’t be eligible for vacation. She (he?) won’t be able to be there — do you get …

Expert Advice: Bridget Brown of Bella Bridesmaid

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Southern girl Bridget Brown started her San Francisco company, Bella Bridesmaid, to help women find stylish bridesmaid dresses. We’ve asked her to give us some of her best …

Stationery: Bridesmaids Cards and More

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When I was at the stationery show a few days ago, I was awed by all the beautiful cards you can give your BFFs when asking them to …

Love It! Oh So Pretty Solid Perfumes

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I’m kind of dying over these adorable solid perfumes by Fragonard Parfumeur. They’re so fun! I know I’d love to receive one at a bridal shower or bachelorette party …