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Etiquette: The No-Wrapping-Paper Shower

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I received a bridal-shower invitation in the mail the other day; a little slip of paper tucked into the envelope said: In order to save time and paper, …

Etiquette: A Ladies' Luncheon

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In my earlier post, reader Jen is having a small destination wedding and wants to know who should be invited to the shower. Rule: only those invited to the wedding. …

Etiquette: Who Sets the Shower Guest List?

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The iron-clad Rule No. 2 of bridal-shower etiquette is: No one should be invited who isn’t already on the  wedding guest list. Showers are to be attended by …

Etiquette: Put the Groom's Name on the Shower Invite?

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The following question popped up in our AskMartha mailbox: (You can send questions there, too!) Do you put the groom’s name on a bridal shower invitation? There are …

Etiquette: Invite Groom's Friends' Wives to the Shower?

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Bridal showers are often described as “a gathering of the bride’s close friends and relatives.” But especially when the shower includes many people from the groom’s side of …

Etiquette Duel: Talley and Cara's Take

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Family annoyances — they’re a big deal when you’re planning your wedding. So with more from that department, here’s our latest debate: I just got back from my …