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Bridal Market Party: Perfect Lighting

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Thanks to those geniuses at Levy Lighting, the lighting at our big bridal market event was spectacular.  They truly do an amazing job, which is a reminder that …

Bridal Market Party: Matthew Robbins

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Matthew and me At our recent Bridal Market Party, Matthew Robbins (one of our contributing editors) did all the flowers. Everything was white and crisp from the beautiful bar …

Bridal Market Party: Henna-Piped Delicacies

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Not only are Creme Delicious cakes, cookies, and macarons beautiful and impossibly intricate, they are delicious! So often the most beautiful things don’t taste as good as they look, …

Bridal Market Party: Vegan Treats

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After tasting Vegan Divas’ treats you would be COMPLETELY shocked to discover how good they are for you (vegan, high fiber, low-cal, organic, kosher…). For example, the gluten-free …

Bridal Market Party: Ice-Crystal DJ Booth and Scratch

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From the moment we began brainstorming about it, I was totally psyched for our ice DJ booth.  I didn’t think it was possible, but Shintaro Okamoto (Okamoto Studio) …

Bridal Market Party: Paper Dresses and Creations

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Even if you don’t want to wear a gown made of paper on your special day, Paper Posy can incorporate gorgeous paper creations into your wedding. Think: photo booth …

Bridal Market Party: Flipbooks!

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My absolutely favorite activity at events and parties is the flipbook booth!  Go Flip Yourself helped guests of our 11th annual bridal market party turn their antics into …

Real Weddings: Lisa & Alex's New York City Bash

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Every year, we throw the ultimate party during bridal market to toast our industry in a fun and festive way. Like all of our weddings, we personalize our party with …