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Make Way for Little White Dresses by Kirribilla

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Looking for the bridal equivalent of the little black dress that you can wear to all of your pre-wedding parties? Look no further than Kirribilla’s little white dresses …

Expert Advice: Bridget Brown of Bella Bridesmaid

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Southern girl Bridget Brown started her San Francisco company, Bella Bridesmaid, to help women find stylish bridesmaid dresses. We’ve asked her to give us some of her best …

Fashion: 57Grand Bridesmaid Line Debuts in 8 Cities

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You’ve been able to shop for 57Grand’s cool wear-them-again bridesmaid dresses online or in New York, but now they’re coming to Bella Bridesmaid stores in Baltimore, DC, Houston, …

Fashion: Bella Bridesmaid's 10th Anniversary

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A gaggle of bridesmaids can be hard to please, but, thankfully, that’s where Bella Bridesmaid comes in. They carry chic, wearable dresses from great designers — like Lula …