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Real Weddings Follow-Up: Marnie and Jamie, Part 2

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Yesterday, you saw my amateur photo tour of behind the scenes at Marnie and Jamie’s wedding. As promised, today I’ll be sharing infinitely better photos, taken by the …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Marnie and Jamie, Part 1

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It all began with an email from stationer Cheree Berry. She had a bride who just overflowed with creativity and was excited about all the ideas they tossed …

Behind the Scenes: Cari and Jason's Real Wedding

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When our coworker Cari told us about her upcoming wedding with its New York City theme and crisp black, white, and silver palette, we just couldn’t resist shooting …

Real Weddings Follow-Up: Laura and Justin

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Did you love Laura and Justin’s wedding in our latest travel issue? I’ve got an even closer look, from start to finish, courtesy of Alison Events, who planned …

Behind the Scenes: Flowers All Around, Part 2

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For our Winter floral story, we went “beyond the bouquet” (that was our working story title) and brought you ideas for more than just your handful of flowers. …

Behind the Scenes: Couture Stationery

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Hopefully you’ve seen our fantastic stationery story in the fall issue which was inspired by couture fashion details. It was a great story to work on and I’ve …

Behind the Scenes: Engage! '10

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It’s that time of year: Engage! ’10 has arrived. One of the highlights of this year’s annual event at the Breakers — which is devoted to illuminating trends …

Behind the Scenes: The Pre-Wedding Wedding Party

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Now that I’ve got a little distance, I can thank everyone who came to the Pre-Wedding Wedding Party, our fabulous Bloomingdale’s event, on Tuesday! Not only were we …