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Try These Good Seeds

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I’m loving this sustainable, all natural skin-care line by Sprout. Not only is the packaging super cute, but its formulas are clean and simple, actually listing all of the …

Holiday Gift Guide: The Golden Touch

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Once a staple in every woman’s purse (used to powder her nose after discreetly leaving the table), the compact seemed close to extinction until recently. Along with the …

Prepping Your Pearly Whites

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You’ve found your dress. My guess is it’s white, ivory, or some variation of the traditional bridal hue. The accessory hunt has started and you’re on your way …

This Week in Weddings

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What we’re clicking on and talking about in the office. Wouldn’t this gold pocket kite (above) be a lovely prop for an engagement photo session? We all want …

Get Glowing! Two Face Masks To Try

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I’m always looking for a quick beauty fix. My slacker approach (one spritz should do it, right?) was confirmed when I learned that Japanese brides apply one SK-II …

Love It! Gift for Your Junior Bridesmaids

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When choosing gifts for your bridesmaids, sometimes it’s hard to find something that’s appropriate for everyone. Now, I don’t think you need to get them all the same …

Beauty: Just as Classic as Their Burberry Trench

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Who hasn’t yearned for one of Burberrry’s sharp-cut trenches? Come on, they’re as near to heavenly perfection as it gets! But for the lady who doesn’t have it …

The Wedding Library: Long, Long, Long-Lasting Lipstick

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No matter how good a makeup artist is, lipstick seems to disappear no matter what! With all the talking and smooching a bride does on her wedding day, …