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Love It! Register for This Powder Room Essential

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When I came across these charming shower curtains from Izola, I just had to share. Tell me that they aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen? Well, at …

Wedding Stationery: Parrot Design Studio

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I could literally spend hours digging through stationery bins, blogs and websites to find fresh and innovative designs. There’s just so much great stuff out there! Today, I …

Love It! Baggu Daypack

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Stats: 14 color options, $24 a pop, holds up to 30 pounds. Now those are some numbers I can really get behind. The new Baggu Daypack is a …

Love It! Perfectly Paired Pencils

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How adorable are these pencils? Each one in this set of six is gold-engraved with spot-on combinations like “bread and butter,” “milk and cookies,” and “me and you.” …

Love It! Acca Kappa Balms

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I’m a huge fan of Acca Kappa. Everything on this website — the beautiful wooden combs, luxe bath sponges, men’s skincare products, soaps, and fragrances — is crafted …

Love It! Virtual Wedding Invitation

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Happy Tuesday everyone! To welcome you back from the long weekend, I thought I’d share this adorable video…

Love It! Custom Wedding Forks

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Is there anything cuter than these hand-stamped forks? They’re the kind of thing that no one at your wedding would notice (except of course for you and your …

Love It! Superior Servers

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I love these servers: The colors are punchy, and the polymer-dipped stainless-steel handles give them a fun twist on traditional flatware. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe. What’s not to …