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NEWS FLASH! Colette Wedding Bands

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Colette Steckel’s passion for jewelry design is completely infectious. As one of Mexico’s most respected jewelers, she approaches each piece as a work of art. I’d describe both Colette …

EXPERT ADVICE: Colored Diamonds

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These days, so many brides are opting for a colored diamond engagement ring. We went straight to the expert—John King, Chief Quality Office for the GIA [Gemological Institute …

JEWELRY: Knots! Knots! Knots!

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Didn’t you just love the little Erica Weiner “Infinity” rings ($40 for sterling silver, $55 for gold fill) that Megan gave to her girlfriends the weekend she wed David …

This Week in Wedding News

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What we’re clicking on and talking about in the Martha Stewart Weddings office. Tomorrow is National S’mores Day. If you’re in NYC, you can celebrate with S’more & …

Love It! Bagatiba

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Just received the earrings and bracelet I ordered from Jessie Andrews’ shop, Bagatiba, and I’m already getting endless comments! I love how perfect both of these are—not heavy or …

Love It! Mrs. Necklace

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How adorable is this “Mrs” necklace from Furbish Studio for any bride or bride-to-be. I would totally give this to a friend for her engagement party! It’s so …

Love It! Brilliant, Nerdy, Adorable Engagement Ring

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How do you choose an engagement ring for the girl that is impossible to shop for? Look no further! I laughed out loud when I saw this brilliant …

Love It! Save The Date with Alexis Russell

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I love these “Save The Date” necklaces from Alexis Russell ($128). This would be great for a bride when it’s stamped with her wedding or anniversary date. It would …