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Style Inspiration: An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce by Timothy Corrigan

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I picked up the gorgeous monograph, An Invitation to Chateau du Grand Luce: Decorating a Great French Country House (Rizzoli) by Timothy Corrigan this past weekend, and it …

A Vegan Southern Wedding Menu? Yes, It Can Be Done

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I’m so honored to see my very own wedding in the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings. It certainly feels surreal after so many years of creating great stories …

See the New York Public Library's Wedding-Day Transformation

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Earlier this month we produced and designed a wedding at one of my favorite spots in New York City, the New York Public Library.  It was a grand …

In the Details: The Unique Flatware No One Will Forget

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Recently we designed and produced a wedding at one of my favorite spots, The New York Public Library, and as always, after nailing down the big picture of …

CONGRATS! We're Engaged

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You’ve witness how excited we get about the nuptials of perfect strangers. Imagine, then, how we lose our minds when one of our own decides to say ‘I …

EXPERT ADVICE: 7 Honeymoon Tips

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A newlywed-to-be recently asked me for my top tips for planning a honeymoon, so I thought I’d share them with you as well! Top left, GoldenEye, Jamaica; suitcase illustration, …

Ask the Editors: Cutting Family Members from the Wedding Party

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Our editors answer your toughest wedding questions……

Skipping The Sit-Down Wedding Dinner Reception

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In my first blog post, I agreed to share everything about the planning, including any mental breakdowns my partner and I had during the process. Here’s a big …