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Something Blue

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This morning on the Martha show, I talked about beautiful ways to incorporate the traditional color blue into your wedding. As promised, here are a few more ideas. …

Start Spreading the News

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I just got engaged and want to tell everyone the good news, but how do I go about doing so? Is an email too impersonal, or is a …

The DIY Bride

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Despite all the busy planning leading up to the wedding day, many brides take pleasure in crafting a special, homemade item themselves. Well, we’ve got you in mind. …

Dress Code

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One of my bridesmaids thinks she looks terrible in the color dress I chose for her to wear to my wedding and is making quite a fuss. Must …

Happy New Year/Anniversary?

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These days, more and more people I know are getting married on major holiday weekends, and why not? It gives people extra travel time so they won’t have …

And Guest

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My friend just started seeing someone whom I’ve never met. I’m inviting her to my wedding, but do I have to invite her new boyfriend, too? In a …

Groom's Guide

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The spotlight will be shining brightly on you on your wedding day, but don’t forget about the person standing next to you: your groom! He’ll want to look …

Guest List Conundrum

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My groom and I are paying for our own wedding and had planned to split the guest list between our two families. But my future mother-in-law wants to …