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Talley Sue Hohlfeld

Name: Talley Sue Hohlfeld
Title: Managing Editor
Hometown: Mount Ayr, Iowa
Favorite romantic destination: England’s Lake District
Best planning tip: Pick three things you really, really care about (flowers, food, and photography, for example), and focus your attention on having them go exactly how you want. Let everything else fall into place.

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Etiquette: Engagement Party Gifts

Posted by

Some of the questions we field via our AskMartha e-mail box ( aren’t from brides or grooms — they’re from guests. Today’s question was about whether to bring …

Etiquette: Can a Bridesmaid Say No?

Posted by

When you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, you’re giving her a great compliment: She’s in your closest circle, one of the people you most want by your …

Etiquette: Should Attendants Open Gifts at the Rehearsal Dinner?

Posted by

Wedding advice often suggests that the bride and groom distribute their gifts to the bridal party at the rehearsal dinner. But one of our readers wrote in a …

Etiquette: How to Divide the Guest List When Parents Are Divorced

Posted by

Last week, I fielded a query from parents of the bride who are footing the bill for a 250-person wedding. The groom’s parents are divorced and both have remarried, …

Etiquette: Should You Seat Families Together?

Posted by

Recently a friend complained about the seating arrangements at her cousin’s wedding. She’d attended with her parents, her brother, and her sister, but they’d been seated at different …

Etiquette: How Many Events Must Your Attendants Attend?

Posted by

I heard a story last week about a couple with: two engagement parties, three showers, three golf get-togethers, a “dress reveal,” a bridesmaid luncheon, bachelor and bachelorette parties, …

Etiquette: Are You Peeking At Your Registry?

Posted by

Don’t feel bad about checking and updating your wedding registry online — there are practical reasons to do so. For starters, sometimes it’s the only way to find …

Etiquette: Addressing Invites When You Don't Like 'Mr. and Mrs.'

Posted by

In our AskMartha mailbox,, I fielded this question recently: We are having a black-tie wedding, and we’re setting the tone with our save-the-dates and invitations. I know …