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8 Travel-Friendly Bridesmaid Gifts for a Destination Wedding

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What makes a good bridal party gift is subjective, of course. But we love when we see one that both speaks to a bridesmaid’s personal style and says …

Food for Thought: Is the Wedding Registry Outdated?

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The past month or so has seen a cavalcade of wedding posts from not-so-usual suspects—it being the height of wedding season and all. And not all of them …

Behind the Diamond: Jewelry-Making at Oscar Heyman

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Last week, a small team of Weddings staffers, myself included, had an awesome—and rare—opportunity to poke around Oscar Heyman’s NYC headquarters. A family-run business since 1912, Oscar Heyman …

This Couple Eloped, and Their Pictures Make It Look Totally Worth It

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My friends constantly surprise and impress me, but when one of them recently got hitched in a secret ceremony and then later posted pictures on Facebook, I was …

Is It OK Not to Invite Someone Who Came to the Engagement Party?

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We received this sticky-situation query on our Facebook page: Our destination wedding has been pushed back due to financial reasons. Initially, we invited everyone on our guest list …

Help! We Told Our Guests to Save the Wrong Date!

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We received this excellent question on our Facebook page. My girlfriend had her wedding invitations sent by a printing company and, long story short, they made a mistake …

Scene Stealer: Oversize Paper Flowers

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Over here at Martha HQ, we’ve been big on fashioning your own blooms out of crepe paper and other nonfloral elements for a while, but these ginormous ones …

Here Are the Oldest (Maybe Happiest) Newlyweds Ever

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I promise we’re not on the look-at-the-cute-elderly-couple-getting-hitched beat. But. Look at the cute elderly couple getting hitched! Last week we watched a bride tie the knot on her …