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The cutest little wedding cakes you'll ever see (promise...)

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How cute are these two? This has to be one of my favorite shots I’ve helped create for the magazine. This was an idea for our Cultural Cakes …

The Ultimate Fall Colors: Work This Rich Combination Into Your Menu, Too

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We featured a gorgeous collection of fashion, flowers, and decor inspiration of wine and mink (shades of brown) in the fall issue, but the rich palette goes beyond …

Our Gorgeous Engagement Ring Story, Inspired By Grandpa's Workshop

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We were excited to get an inside look at the legendary Oscar Heyman studio, but were so taken by the experience that we styled our fall rings feature …

"Wedding Today!" Rustic Announcement Poster

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Spread the news! This is an invitation I designed for a story in our Summer 2013 issue. It’s an idea based on old newspaper wedding announcements where the …

Behind the Scenes: Planting Roots

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Have you seen our greenery story in the new summer issue? It was the photographer’s idea, Sylvie Becquet, to distress the backgrounds and make the photograph more creative and …

Wedding Inspiration: Catch of the Day

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You never know what will inspire a wedding… Sometimes a surprising source (like this vintage fashion photograph) can lead to some great theme ideas. Eugéne Vernier, Vogue, July …


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The ampersand is a beautiful tool for a graphic designer. It symbolizes union and is an effortless motif that can be used throughout your wedding. AND it is …