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Erin Furey

Name: Erin Furey
Title: Editorial Assistant, Style
Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Favorite wedding flower: Peony
Best planning tip: Involve your mom, it will make her so happy -- sometimes you have to relinquish just a little bit of control!

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Tips for the perfect venue lighting (so easy to forget, but so SO! important!)

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It’s easy to forget how big an impact lighting can have on a wedding venue. Often we visit spaces during the day, with natural light pouring in, surfaces …

Go behind the scenes with this gorgeous golden wheat cake

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The golden wheat cake in the Winter 2014 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is my personal favorite.  The design is based on a gold leaf painting by Jeffrey …

The how-to of a gem-encrusted wedding cake

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How do we get to this point? Sketches and playing with materials.  Thanks to Global Sugar Art we had plenty of gorgeous gems to practice with before applying …

Guy-style alert! Tired ties get a new life with TieCrafters

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The disposable culture we live in today reaches into many parts of our life, including our wardrobes. That’s one of the things I love about Tie Crafters: they …

Our 5 latest gifting obsessions for bridesmaids, guests, and more

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I can’t even STAND how much I want the Pineapple necklace from Fine by Dannijones.  In fact I would take anything from the new collection which is a …

Easy decor: turn your iPhone pics into super large prints

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How often do I hear my mother lamenting the fact that we take so many wonderful pictures… but she never sees an ACTUAL photograph in the flesh anymore! …

A sampling from an amazing ice sculptor

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  Wow, Shintaro…. we never cease to be impressed. Amazing New York ice sculptor Shintaro Okamoto, who along with his father, Takeo, has shaped everything from mini skyscrapers …

Secret Source: Urbanic Paper Boutique

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Upon a recent visit to Venice, California I got totally lost in this darling and inspiring paper shop. If you can’t stop by in person, here’s a peek …