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Cara Sullivan

Name: Cara Sullivan
Title: Deputy Editor
Hometown: Simsbury, Connecticut
Favorite romantic destination: New York City
Best planning tip: Don’t skip the hair and makeup consultations. Yes, they add to your overall budget, but they’re worth it in the end. They’re the only way to guarantee you’ll look (and feel) exactly how you want to on the big day.

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Signs of Spring

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There’s just something about this invitation from Smitten on Paper that makes me happy. It’s pretty, elegant, different, and feels fresh for a spring or summer wedding. What …

Vote on your favorite band!

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If, like me, your engagement ring was a surprise (meaning you didn’t take part in the design process), then you’ll find that shopping for a wedding band is …

Love, Sweet Love

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I can’t get enough of photographer Lauren Fleishman’s latest project, Love Ever After, which features couples in NYC who’ve been married for 50+ years. Have you heard about …

Something gold, something new...

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I know, I know, it’s “something old.” But I love all things gold, so let’s fake it for the sake of this post. Back when I was planning …

The one thing every honeymooning couple needs

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Ok, ok—while it’s not exactly a necessity, a headphone splitter will definitely come in handy on your trip. My husband and I have one that we use to …

Coke+Mascara=No Clumps?

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Last night, I saw an interesting beauty tip on TV: If your mascara is getting clumpy, pour a couple drops of soda (they used Coke) into your mascara …

A cookbook you'll actually use!

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Our food department has a new obsession: “The Newlywed Cookbook” by Sarah Copeland. They were kind enough to let us borrow it, and we can see what all …

To dye or not to dye, that is the question...

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A friend of a friend is getting married this spring, and I just heard that she’s planning on having her hair dyed from blond to dark chestnut brown …